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In December, 2013, I presented a program on Macro Photography to the Quad Cities Photography Club. There are 159 slides in the MS Power Point file I used to display the tools, methods and software for Macro Photography. If you wish to see the slides please click this link:

Macro Photography Presentation

Slide 116 has a video for Helicon Focus, which is not viewable on that page. If you wish to see the video, please click one of these links:

Quick Start with Helicon Focus 6 and Focus Stacking

or Version

I hope you enjoy viewing my presentation on Macro Photography.

Thank you!

You may personally view the presentation slides or it may be viewed in a classroom for an educational purpose. You may not alter the presentation slides in any way, use the images from the presentation slides in any format nor use the presentation slides or its images for personal or commercial purposes without the written permission and consent of its author, Dino Milani.

Copyright 2013, Dino Milani. All Rights Reserved.

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Something new!

Photoshop CS6 & CC  have a new technique to combine multiple images, with different depth of focus, into a single image with clear focus across the image. Two steps are all you need.

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From Photoshop Week 2014 "What Photoshop Does Best Quick Reference Guide.pdf" by Bryan O'Neil Hughes


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